King Shark an almost very different look

Last Friday, DC fans were very happy when the first official trailer for The Suicide Squad came out. In the trailer for the film directed by James Gunn, the biggest highlight was certainly the King Shark. After the trailer was released, the director, on his twitter, responded to some fan responses and revealed what the character would look like originally.

In Gunn’s thread, he explained several things about the character who will have the voice of Sylvester Stallone. At first, responding to a fan who asked why the film chose the look of a great white shark or instead of a hammer, the director replied:

“I did some tests with the hammerhead shark look, which I love and originally thought I would use. But having eyes so far apart made it very strange to film interactions with people. You couldn’t really see him looking at someone and the footage was too long ”.

Check out the original tweet:

King Shark in The Suicide Squad trailer.

The director also explained how cute the character is and that it wasn’t his original intention:

“Yes, I know he’s cute: which is weird since we are actively trying to avoid the neotenic designs used in anthropomorphic beings to generate this ‘awww’. Think about Baby Groot / Yoda. His eyes are small, not big. Your mouth is big, not small. And your head is small ”.

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