Kevin Feige warns series commercials have mysterious purpose

Warning: spoiler alert!

WandaVision is finally here! As fans remain confused by the potentially deceptive trailers uncovered this week, Kevin Feige, executive producer at Marvel Studios, warns that the ads in the series hide a much more interesting secret.

The series incorporates all the classic language of television productions. The first two episodes that premiered today (15), for example, are in black and white and bring that square aspect ratio of the last century.

But the references don’t stop there. Among the episodes, we have small commercials with fictional products that exist only in the universe of the series. If you’re careful, the toaster from the first episode and the clock from the second depict two men who traumatized Wanda Maximoff’s mind a lot.

First commercial episode on Stark Industries

In an interview with TV Line, Kevin Feige said he saw these commercials as an opportunity to add even more layers to the mysteries of WandaVision.

“It all started with a desire to play with this idea and this format, but it ended up having direct implications for what happens (in the series). Something flashing with the Stark Industries logo is mysterious and intriguing if you don’t know anything about it and where it can take you. If you understand more about this universe and the past, especially Wanda, you may get some clues as to what’s going on.

The ads refer to Tony Stark and Baron von Strucker, two characters who first crossed paths with Wanda in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Advertising of the second episode on Baron von Strucker.

In the movie, we find out that it was a weapon from Stark Industries that killed the heroine’s parents. In addition, Von Strucker took advantage of the fragility of the orphan brothers to use them in painful science experiments.

Combining these facts, one can imagine that these commercials represent moments of great trauma for Wanda. It makes sense that your mind ended up reliving those painful moments from your past after the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

Do you have a theory on another hidden meaning behind these ads? Be sure to comment!

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