Kevin Feige talks about the future of the multiverse in the MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is back with everything with the arrival of WandaVision, and audiences are eagerly awaiting what will happen. It has been speculated for some time what the next phase will bring, and many have bet that one of the most important elements will be the multiverse. In an interview, Kevin Feige spoke more about the topic, indicating that the future of the MCU will really explore this idea.

Fans already knew that Doctor Strange’s second film, titled “Into the Multiverse of Madness,” WandaVision and Spider-Man 3 would venture into the multiverse, but apparently this plot won’t end there.

Interviewed by Rotten Tomatoes (ComicBookMovie), Feige indicated that the Doctor Strange sequel will be the film that deals directly with the multiverse, but he shouldn’t be the only one doing so:

“The title of Doctor Strange’s next movie is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, so that’s our biggest clue that this movie will embrace the Multiverse and the madness it contains, in a very straightforward way. There are, as always, connections before and after that, which remain to be seen and discovered. But it seemed appropriate for Doctor Strange to deal with it in the most direct way.

Additionally, Feige was asked about the possibilities of seeing Magneto and Mercury on WandaVision, but declined to give details:

“Wanda has a lot of family members in the comics. It’s more about the relationship with Visão, and more about this dynamic and the evolution of this couple’s relationship, and how it grows, evolves and unfolds.

Magneto, Mercury and Scarlet Witch in the comics

After the evasive response, Feige was pressured to talk about Wanda’s other family members, but continued to deny a direct response:

“There are other characters in other episodes of the series. Who they are, what they are, is not worth discussing now. “

The introduction of a character like Magneto into the series may seem unlikely, given the character’s importance, and the fact that mutants are not yet established in this universe. Mercury, however, has already made an appearance, being featured alongside his sister in Age of Ultron. It may be that in future episodes of WandaVision Wanda’s brother will appear – but how it’s going to be is hard to say, especially with Feige’s statement about who or what characters we’ll be seeing. are really.

Do you think Pietro will return to the MCU? Be sure to comment on your theories on what we’ll see, not just about Wanda’s family, but the multiverse in theaters.

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