Kevin Feige opens up about Netflix series and Agents of SHIELD in the MCU

In recent months, rumors that characters from the Marvel series on Netflix and Agents of SHIELD will be included in the MCU have started to gain traction among fans. Now Kevin Feige has finally commented on the matter, suggesting that there are no plans on this at this time.

With the proposal to present a more mature, urban narrative, Netflix’s Marvel series had a shared universe that, after all, was not very much tied to the MCU. Defenders included Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Punisher.

However, while some series, such as The Man Without Fear, garnered a lot of praise, all plans were scrapped when Kevin Feige took full control of Marvel Studios’ productions. Recently the rights to these characters reverted to Marvel, and since then fans have started speculating on when we would see the heroes in the MCU.

Rumors suggest Daredevil will be in Spider-Man 3

During the Disney TCA presentation (via Deadline), Feige was asked about the return of these characters to Marvel Studios. He said:

“I think we could probably use them, I think a lot of that came back to us. There are always rumors online about turning things around [e os direitos voltando pra Marvel], sometimes it’s true, sometimes not, but I’m not sure about the exact contracts. Maybe one day [eu tenha]. ”

He continued, explaining that he didn’t care much.

“My history at Marvel is vast and did not involve any control for a long time, so I paid more attention to the things that I had acquired than to the things that I did not control. Television, at one point, was one of the things we had no control over, just like when Fox was making the X-Men movies or Sony was making the Spider-Man movies without us. These were the rules by which Marvel operated at the time.

Commenting on the Disney + series, Feige pointed out that the projects did not see the light of day due to the poor performance of the Netflix series:

“When Bob Iger started asking us to work on the show for Disney +, it was a lot more of an opportunity and something that got us excited at Marvel Studios. It wasn’t about being disappointed with something or something that we thought about a lot when Marvel Television was doing their series.

Agents of SHIELD could appear on MCU, rumors have it

Speaking of Agents of SHIELD, another series that has won over fans, Feige commented on rumors that the characters in the series will be introduced in other MCU productions:

“We constantly have rumors that are true and rumors that are not. It was great fun having Clark Gregg [Agente Coulson] back to the MCU on Captain Marvel… Everything else we’ll have to see. ”

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