Kevin Feige explains why the project isn’t an MCU movie

WandaVision brought the return of the MCU with the premiere of its first two episodes last Friday. The series has been extremely well received and several theories about the reality of the universe based on the sitcom that have been presented to us have already started to emerge. In an interview with Variety, Kevin Feige commented on the decision to make WandaVision for television and not for theaters, even after the success established by the franchise which already has 23 films.

The idea of ​​expanding the MCU beyond the big screen began in 2018, when Bob Iger, then Disney CEO, pitched Feige with the idea of ​​further developing the MCU through Disney +. In the interview, Feige explains why television is important to him and why he decided to make WandaVision (ComicBook):

“Wanda and Visão are great comic book characters that we only scratch the surface of in movies, played by such spectacular actors, and we only scratch the surface of what they can do. Highlighting these actors playing these characters was the first reason for wanting to make WandaVision. The way we did it is, in large part, because I spent too much time watching TV as a kid and watching repeat episodes of a lot of sitcoms. And when Nick at Nite came along, I’m old enough to remember when Nick at Nite was a new and unique thing … I watched a lot of it and became psychologically connected to a lot of these characters. of fiction.

Kevin feige

Feige talks a bit more about his affection for TV series and how it influenced him, and ultimately ended up influencing the decision to expand the Marvel Studios universe:

“What comforted me after school and late at night were these TV shows. It’s an aspect of my youth that made me, for better or worse, the person I am today. We have never been able to use that. My love for all types of movies and cinematic genres has certainly been put into the 23 movies that you saw that we shot at Marvel Studios, but that aspect of my past we can’t even consider being able to do somehow. thing. . “

Finally, Feige commented on the influence of Marvel’s story in the comics, Vision, which features the character as the head of a family of androids living in the suburbs and trying to fit in:

“It was the vision that got me to say, ‘Let’s put those two things together’ and make what is now our first Disney + series in a way that just couldn’t be a movie. It’s not just a long Disney + movie. We’re going to do shows that will be like that, but for what is now our premiere, it was great doing something that could only be done for TV.

The third episode of WandaVision will be released exclusively on Disney +, this Friday 22.

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