Kat Dennings, WandaVision’s Darcy, Tells Thor about bizarre situation involving an audition

Actress Kat Dennings reprizes her role as Darcy Lewis in WandaVison, but you must remember her from the first two Thor films, when Darcy was a young scientist who accompanied Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) on her woes.

Speaking to the Keep It podcast, Dennings opened up about his involvement with WandaVsion and said that, surprisingly, hearing Thor’s first movie was even more bizarre and full of secrets than the one in the Disney + series.

“It was very intense, but it was different in a way… when I did Thor I really didn’t know what it was, it was so secret I didn’t know why I was. auditioning. I had no idea what was going on. I didn’t know what movie it was, all I was told was that it was a superhero movie. And I was like, ‘Okay, am I a superhero? What should i wear? Leggings? What do I do?’ So I thought about following the cute line, even though I didn’t know who I would be playing, after all there were some fake scripts.

Dennings went on to say that what shocked her the most was the fact that the address given to her was a fake, and that there was just where she would be taken to the actual test address:

“There were fake scripts, characters that didn’t exist and even addresses that didn’t exist… yes, I got to the address listed, looked around and thought ‘he there is nothing at that address’, then someone offered a golf cart and I said “I’m here to take you to the real place” and I was like “What?” Really? It was 100% kidnapping, because I was taken to a totally unknown place. It was really, really crazy.

It’s really funny to imagine Kat Dennings’ situation, and even more curious to think about how many bizarre stories other actors who have auditioned for roles at Marvel Studios must have to tell.

Doctor Darcy and Agent Woo at WandaVision

Dennings ‘WandaVision debut took place in the series’ fourth episode, which aired recently on Disney +. The actress returns for all subsequent episodes.

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