Kat Dennings, Darcy, promises a radical end to the mysteries of the series

WandaVision – Marvel Studios’ first series on Disney + – is coming to an end, but there are still many unsolved mysteries. Some fans are starting to get impatient, but actress Kat Dennings guarantees the wait will be worth it.

In the series, Kat plays the scheming Darcy Lewis, an astrophysicist who we know from the Thor movies as Jane Foster’s (Natalie Portman) best friend. With Jane set to make her triumphant return in Thor: Love and Thunder, Darcy is back with everything on WandaVision to help SWORD understand Westview anomalies.

Like us, Darcy ends up getting excited about the show.

Her first appearance was in the fourth episode, “We’re Interrupting This Program,” which ultimately took a hiatus from the comedy monster Wanda created to show some real-world drama after the Avengers: Ultimatum blip.

In an interview with The Drew Barrymore Show, Kat commented on the strategic timing of her introduction to the series:

“The first three episodes were built to sort of confuse and mystify audiences, until someone finally shows up to represent who’s watching and explain, more or less, what’s going on. So I replay my role from the first two Thor films. And Jac Schaeffer, the screenwriter (of WandaVision), gave Darcy new life so now she sort of solves the beginning of this mystery.

With Monica and Jimmy, Darcy unveils the mysteries of Westview.

But it seems like with every explanation in the series comes a plethora of questions. In this final stretch, everything will be resolved in the best possible way. At least, that’s what it guarantees.

“Every episode builds and builds and builds and I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but it has a huge result for pretty much everything on the show. So I encourage everyone to be very careful while watching.

There is still a lot to do in the last two episodes of WandaVision. With today’s explosive reveal, it all starts to fall into place. But there is still a super secret character on the horizon… What awaits us in the coming weeks? Be sure to comment!

Every Friday there are new episodes of WandaVision on Disney +.

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