Kaido Acquires Demonic Form In New Manga Chapter

One Piece fans are increasingly in awe of the heyday of the Wano Country arc. The tension grows more and more effervescent in Onigashima, as the Straw Hats go through several battles, immersed in a tide of victories and defeats here and there. On top of all of that, we see Luffy and Zoro taking on the arc’s big bad guys, Big Mom and Kaido.

In the twenty-eighth chapter of the manga, we see how Kaido becomes an even more dangerous opponent than he has ever been in the history of One Piece. Here we can see the Pirate in a new Beast-Man hybrid form, consuming his Devil Fruit. The end result is spooky, with a demonic look that matches Kaido’s personality a lot.

Check it out below:

The new form of Kaido.

In his new look, Kaido gains new horns, in addition to receiving several additional scales on his body. As if that wasn’t enough, the villain even has a sharp tail and claws, which promise to be very useful in combat. The reveal surprises our heroes, but the fight itself will only be discussed in the next chapter. And while the scenario doesn’t look good, Luffy D. Monkey has already made it very clear that he won’t give up easily.

One Piece’s 1008th chapter is out now in Japan, but there are still no release plans in Brazil.

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