Justice League must reshape to take on White Martians at HQ

The heroes of DC Comics have a new face in Future State, but they will once again have to reinvent themselves to face a formidable foe: the White Martian Hyperclan.

Hyperclan is one of the most classic opponents in the Justice League. In 1997, at JLA # 1, they disguised themselves as proactive heroes, gaining the trust of the population, to facilitate a massive invasion. Fortunately, his plan was discovered and the greatest heroes on the planet have come together to form the Justice League.

Hyperclan disguises himself as Justice League again

In Future State: Justice League # 2 (via CBR), the White Martians are back, and the new Justice League will have to face the legacy of its veterans in order to survive.

During the first edition, we saw that the League struggles to work as a team due to the strict rules for protecting secret identities. No member can officially interact outside of the service, preventing a real sense of trust between the heroes.

White Martians take advantage of the distant relationship between members to put their plan into action. They disguise themselves as heroes with less affinity to lure each member into an ambush off the planet. Without knowing the difference between real heroes and Martians in disguise, the League is taken by surprise.

The League must face its mistakes to defeat the Hyperclan

The rules that emerged to protect their identity turned out to be their greatest weakness. Fortunately, some members of the league secretly broke these rules. This forbidden bond that has emerged between them is the key to defeating the White Martians.

Each hero faces the retort of their closest ally: Andy Curry questions Jess Quick’s affectionate nickname, while Yara Flor acknowledges the techniques she trained with Jon Kent. Thanks to the rebellion, they manage to identify and burn every member of the Hyperclan.

Fortunately, Batman still carries a flamethrower.

It is clear to all members that the rules that worked for the old Justice League will not work for them. While they disagree on how the League should act in the future, they agree that they will need to work out the new rules together – in a way that strengthens the League to deal with upcoming threats.

How did the rules of the Future State Justice League come about?

The comics imply that after the massive rejection Superman endured in revealing his secret identity, the hero had to overcome a catastrophic tragedy on his own and ended up in exile from the planet. It was seen as a sign of the dangers of revealing one’s identity to the people, and the heroes of the new generation created very strict rules to avoid a similar tragedy.

In addition to being banned from mentioning their real names in uniform, the team were banned from socializing at any level outside of the work environment. But it is clear that the ban would result in acts of rebellion on the part of some members. Jon Kent and Yara Flor remain friends, while Jess Quick and Aquawoman Andy Curry keep a romance a secret.

The Hyperclan invasion opens the eyes of the Justice League.

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