Justice League 3 would be kind of a continuation of the Man of Steel, says Zack Snyder

Justice League director Zack Snyder has revealed that he intends to make two more DC hero-focused films, the last of which focused on Henry Cavill’s Superman.

In an interview with Esquire, Snyder said the third Justice League film will see Ben Affleck’s Batman dying. That would almost entirely transform the film’s story into Superman, so the saga would end as it started there in 2014, with the movie The Man of Steel.

“I had just decided that the last Justice League movie would be much more of a Superman movie. Yes, the last chapter of my saga would focus on Superman to end the whole thing. Because if Batman died, Superman would have run into the de facto leader. By the way, at that point, Wonder Woman would have been made Queen of Themyscira and she would lead the warriors of Themyscira in battle against Darkseid herself. And Jason Momoa’s Aquaman would lead the armies of Atlantis.

Snyder continues:

“Superman would essentially be the leader of the Justice League and the Armies of Men. So Superman would have gone from that kind of angry Superman to a benevolent Superman.

For the filmmaker, Justice League 3 would function as a Man of Steel 2 because Superman has the biggest arc of any DC hero, as he goes from hero to villain and then back to hero again.

“It looked really cool and fun to create. It’s a really interesting trajectory. I think traditionally Superman is one of those characters that people don’t see as something that changes a lot. You know what I mean? It’s kind of a rock that everyone leans against and I just thought, how cool would it be to make our Superman the character on an amazing different journey?

Although I have already said that Warner Bros. doesn’t plan on making a Justice League sequel, Zack Snyder said he hasn’t given up hope of continuing the story that started.

So, how would you like to see a Justice League 3 focused on Superman? Comment!

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