Joker asks Batman and Catwoman to help save his life in new comic

The Joker, considered Gotham City’s greatest villain, has taken an unexpected step forward in the comics. When Andrea Beaumont, known as The Phantom, sets out on a furious race to kill the Crime Clown, he enlists the help of none other than Batman and Catwoman.

In Batman / Catwoman # 2, we find that Andrea returned to Gotham years later to get revenge on the criminal who murdered her son. Desperate, the Joker invades the Gotham City Police Department and uses the bat signal to summon the Dark Knight and Catwoman to ask them both to protect him from the ghost’s wrath.

Agreeing to protect the villain would put Batman and Catwoman in Andrea’s sights, but it’s unlikely that the heroes would let a vengeful murderer commit crimes in the city, even if it meant ridding the place of one of the men. most dangerous that has ever set foot there.

A flashforward – a step forward in the future of the story – has already revealed, however, that the Joker survived his enemy’s plans, implying that a tragedy would befall Andrea herself.

Batman / Catwoman # 2 is now available!

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