Jodie Turner-Smith to star in “Blood Origin” prelude series

Jodie Turner-Smith (Queen & Slim, Nightflyers) has been cast to star in The Witcher: Blood Origin limited series, a prequel to The Witcher that will show the creation of the First Wizard.

According to Deadline, Turner-Smith will play Eile, a powerful warrior with the voice of a goddess who has abandoned her clan and her position as the Queen’s guardian to follow her heart and be a nomadic singer. However, a major battle on the mainland forces him to return to the fight in a quest for revenge and redemption.

The plot takes place in the elven world 1200 years before the universe of The Witcher and will tell a lost story – the origin of the first wizard, and the events that led to the crucial ‘conjunction of the spheres’, when the world of monsters, men and elves have merged into one.

Jodie Turner-Smith

British actress Jodie Turner-Smith has gained a lot of recognition after starring in Queen & Slim, alongside Daniel Kaluuya. This year, she will star in the movie After Yang, with Colin Farell and also in the Amazon movie, Without Remorse, with Michael B. Jordan.

As of yet, Netflix has not released an official release date for the series.

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