Jennifer Lawrence Suffers Injuries While Filming New Netflix Movie

After becoming very famous for her roles in the Hunger Games saga and in the most recent films of the X-Men franchise, actress Jennifer Lawrence has made a brief disappearance from the screens and will return in 2021, through Don ‘ t Look Up, a new satirical comedy directed by Adam McKay (The Great Bet). Sadly, Lawrence suffered an accident while filming the movie last Friday.

According to the Boston Globe, Jennifer Lawrence was injured last Friday (5), during a night shoot. The accident reportedly happened in a special effects explosion scene, when an object – believed to be a trash can – hit Lawrence in the face. The actress was rushed to hospital and covered her face throughout the process.

Don’t Look Up (still untitled in Portuguese) stars Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio.

So far, there is no information on the actress’ performance, although the production team say that she is fine. The tabloid also says she suffered an injury near one eye, but is expected to recover soon and filming could resume this week.

What is Don’t Look Up about?

Inspired by the resurgence of scientific negationism, the film follows the story of two astronomers who discover a meteor shower en route to Earth, ready to devastate humanity. However, the two scientists end up encountering a major obstacle in the population themselves, since no one wants to take their warnings seriously.

The film is directed by Adam McKay (The Big Bet, Vice) and will star Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead roles. Besides them, the cast also has Cate Blanchett, Meryl Streep, Ariana Grande, Jonah Hill, Tyler Perry and Chris Evans. The premiere is scheduled for 2021, on Netflix.

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