Jay Lycurgo to be Tim Drake in the series’ third season

The third season of Titans will add more heroes to the group of teenage guardians. After revealing who Barbara Gordon would be, HBO Max announced that Tim Drake will be played by Jay Lycurgo (I May Destroy You).

The news came straight from the show’s official Twitter, with an illustration confirming that the character will maintain his strong relationship with Batman in the Titans Universe. Check-out:

“From the shadow of the bat, a new hero arrives to join the third season of Titans. Welcome Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake. “

The actor is a risky DC bet for such a prominent Bat family character, given that Jay Lycurgo doesn’t have much television experience. Even so, Jay will also appear in The Batman as a gang member shown in the film’s first trailer.

Jay Lycurgo to play Tim Drake

Who is Tim Drake?

In the comics, Tim Drake is the third young man to take on the role of Robin. He was in the audience the night Dick Grayson’s parents were murdered. Using his investigative skills, he ended up discovering the true identity of not only Robin, but Batman himself as well.

Upon the death of Jason Todd, concerned about Bruce’s sanity, he attempted to convince Dick Grayson to reprise the role of Batman’s partner. He refused, but ended up referring Tim himself to the post. So, Tim Drake became Robin.

Since then, he has acquired other identities during his life fighting crime. In the “Battle for the Hood” arc, Tim took on the name Robin Red, which he would use for nearly a decade. Recently, when joining Youth Justice, Tim came to answer simply for Drake. In 2020, he started wearing Robin’s coat again.

Tim Drake returns to use the codename Robin in the comics.

The third season of Titans is only expected to arrive in the second half of 2021 direct to HBO Max.

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