Jared Leto’s Joker “Embodies” Jesus Christ in New Snyder Cut Photo

One of Batman’s greatest villains, the Joker has undergone several adaptations over the years, being played in theaters by different actors and with different looks. In David Ayer’s Suicide Squad, it was Jared Leto’s turn to bring the character to life, and now, with Justice League’s version of Zack Snyder, the actor will reprise his role, albeit in a somewhat different way. .

A bit of the Joker look had already been seen in the last trailer for the film, and we already know that the Clown of Crime will appear in the sequel to The Nightmare, which will also feature Batman. In the new image released by Vanity Fair, it is possible to notice that the character’s gaze refers to Jesus Christ, mainly because of the crown of thorns used by him in the photo. In addition, the pose chosen demonstrates even more clearly that the reference is quite intentional:

The reason for this is not yet known, although it is possible to speculate that the film could show the Joker to see himself as a Christ-like figure in the desolate future in which Darkseid ruled the planet. Either way, the costume is quite different from the character’s usual one, and it’s also a far cry from how Leto was seen in Suicide Squad.

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