Japanese government may tax cosplayers under copyright law

In a report recently published by the Japanese newspaper The Nikkan Sports (via AnimeNewsNetwork), the Japanese government is considering regulating cosplayers’ income through copyright laws, requiring cosplayers who earn money from this activity to pass on part of the amount. receipts for organizations.

In the report, it is said that the government is currently investigating the situation, seeking advice from copyrighted companies and cosplayers, but to date no legislation has yet been proposed. It would only affect cosplayers who make money from their activities, and it would not affect people who cosplay just for hobbies.

Cosplayer Enako, one of Japan’s greatest, spoke with Minister Nobuharu Inoue.

Currently, several cosplayers are making money through different activities, such as subscription services, selling photos and videos, in addition to earning fees when participating in events. The question at the moment, within the Japanese government, is whether or not cosplay violates copyright law for the reproduction of content, or the law on adaptation rights – which makes the The subject of discussion within the cosplay community for some time. .

TarĊ Yamada, a member of the Japanese government and leader of the “Party for the Protection of Freedom of Expression,” said it was possible to maintain “the ecosystem” that equitably benefits companies that own the copyright in images and cosplayers and that, as a member of the government dealing with this issue, he is exploring a way to maintain Japanese copyright laws in the era of “user-generated content”.

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