Iron Man can be corrupted by a symbiote in the comics

Warning: spoiler alert!

King in Black continues to place Marvel’s heroes in increasingly complicated situations, as they attempt, so far unsuccessfully, to find a way to defeat Knull, the god of the symbiotes. And as desperate times call for desperate action, the heroes have taken increasing risks in their attempts to save the universe. This is what we see in King in Black # 3, when Iron Man puts himself in danger trying to control a symbiote, trying to use Knull’s own forces against him.

Tony Stark was already on the front lines of defense against the villain, having been warned by Venom about Knull and set a trap in Earth’s gravitational field, using the remains of the alien ships that were left after the Empyre event (CBR). Although the trap detonated as intended, Knull’s forces were not stopped by him, but continued to advance on Earth despite it. Iron Man then joined the fight, sparing no effort to take on the symbiotic dragons that attacked the planet, using whatever he had. And when that didn’t seem like enough to save Eddie Brock during battle, Stark decided to adopt the risky strategy of taking control of one of the symbiotes.

To do this, he used a modified form of the Extremis virus, which severed the symbiote’s connection to Knull, and reconfigured it so that the creature would connect to Iron Man and his armor. It made Tony stronger to face Knull, but it didn’t allow him to save Eddie Brock.

Tony appears on the scene after helping Thor and battling the celestial symbiotes sent by Knull. While he still fights on the right side, it’s clear that it’s not easy for Iron Man to maintain control, and we see the symbiote continuing to grow around him, as well as the Knull symbol shining on it. his forehead.

Knull has been shown previously to be able to bribe people into fighting for him, using the symbiotes for this. Although he initially resisted Knull’s control, everything seems to indicate that continuing to use the dragon symbiote can have dire consequences for Iron Man and end up causing more problems than actually helping.

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