Arnaud Lepont lost an extraordinary 16 kilograms in eight weeks to face Vincent Latoel at ONE: Odyssey of Champions. The author of Bring your body to W.A.R spoke to ROUGH about how and why he did it.

16kg is a huge amount of weight to lose, how tough was it?

Yeah, it was a huge amount of weight to lose, but it went really smooth. I used the technique you can find in my book Bring your body to W.A.R and was assisted by two cage fighters, May Ooi from Singapore and Vinod Dave Greywal from America. It was a big, big amount of weight to lose, but I feel great.

Is there any one thing you find more effective when cutting weight?

Cutting weight in a short amount of time is a science and you have to know your body. Epson salts towards the end helped a lot, but you get mentally exhausted. Luckily I had my team behind me and I was happy to make the cut.

Arnaud Lepont Bath

Have you cut this much weight before?

No, I have never cut this much weight before. Challenging your body and your mind is very important, I did worry that I would be exhausted, but I’m surprised it went super well. I will be ready to go all three rounds with Vincent.

Are you still able to train effectively when cutting weight like this?

Yes, you are totally able to train effectively when cutting weight like this, it’s not a big problem. You have to put the right food and minerals in your body so you have enough energy to train. But you have to be aware of your body and know exactly what food you need. Everyone is different and each person reacts differently, it all depends on how your body reacts and thank god I know my body really well. I don’t think it’s a problem.

Arnaud Lepont

Do you ever worry medically what sort of stress it puts on your body?

I know that cutting a huge amount of weight puts stress on my body and I won’t lie, it’s really bad for my health. I do it because I love fighting, I love training and competing. It was my plan to make a big, big weight cut and inspire people that if you want something bad enough, there is nothing that can stop you. It’s true I could damage my body, but at the end it’s about legacy and inspiring the next generation of MMA fighters. That’s what I want to do.

How are you feeling about meeting Vincent Latoel – is this a big fight for you?

I’m super happy to fight Vincent, he is a gifted athlete and it will be a really good test for my career. I want to see if I can compete with the best of my division. Vincent is a good striker, but I have the upper hand in wrestling and on the ground and my cardio is strong. This fight is very important.