At 26 years young, Bruno “Robusto” Miranda has already become a Renaissance man of combat sports by competing in Boxing, Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts.

Just a few years ago, he arrived in Thailand from Brazil to embark on the second chapter of his career.

Being a member of the world-renowned Tiger Muay Thai enables him to be a full-time fighter which was polar opposites compared to life in his homeland.

“I love living here in Thailand especially Phuket because I only train and teach. I do not have to work like I did in Brazil which gave me little time to train. It is very hard to live as a fighter there.”

Bruno Miranda

Over the years, he has become an integral member of his team and having the support of coaches like Andrew Wood for strength and conditioning, George Hickman for wrestling, Chris Vamos for jiu-jitsu has made a world of difference.

“Bruno has been training hard. He has been improving a lot in all aspects of his game. He’s really looking forward to putting on a good show” George Hickman stated about Miranda.

Even though he has fought in many promotions throughout the globe, he is making a name for himself in the Korean promotion ROAD Fighting Championship.

“I really like it when I fight in Korea. I have many fans there and I love that country.”

Starting off his stint in ROAD FC with three straight first round finishes allowed him to congregate many followers to his side.

At each event, whenever he would land one of those patented leg kicks that would echo throughout the arena, they would express exhilaration with anticipation. Then, as he went in for the kill, they screamed with excitement even against their hometown heroes.

Creating much buzz with his fan-friendly striking prowess and stand and bang attitude, the TMT fighter came into his lightweight title-eliminator bout against Shinji Sasaki at ROAD FC 33 last September with a lot of expectations.

Although he lost the bout via triangle choke at the end of the second round, he sees the positives more than the negatives.

Bruno Miranda

“I just got caught with a hard punch in the first minute that turned me off and I fought for the rest of the fight totally out. I had a good time in the fight since I almost finished him with a neck choke and in the second round he felt my hands. If he did not land that punch I beat him.”

Wanting to put that setback in the rearview mirror, the Brazilian took the offer to fight another precision striker hailing out of Korea named Seung-Yeon Kim at ROAD FC 34 less than two months after his last fight.

Kim,”The Keyboard Warrior”, is the winner of the Korean MMA reality show “Crying Fist” and holds an unblemished record with all first round knockouts.

This sounds eerily familiar to Miranda’s start for the promotion but he sees some key contrasts.

“I’ll bring a war against him. The difference is that I am a better fighter and I want it more than him” Miranda affirms about his opponent.

Unfortunately, Miranda will not be able to face Seung-Yeon Kim on the main card of ROAD FC 34 in Hebei, China on 19 November due to illness. Less than a week before he was supposed to step into the cage, “Robusto” came down with acute gastroenteritis and was hospitalized.

His opponent has agreed to reschedule the fight for ROAD FC 35 in Seoul on 10 December.