Important character undergoes changes at the start of season six

The sixth and final season of Supergirl got off to a strong start last Tuesday (30th). The first episode came to end some intrigues left open from the fifth year, notably involving Lex Luthor and the so-called Leviathan company, in addition to having already started to develop the points that will be made in Kara Danvers’ last adventure. However, another character in the series has also undergone a surprising change.

In “Rebirth,” the first episode of this final phase of the series, we follow Supergirl in her battle with Lex Luthor. She manages to stop the villain, but not before he stops her in the Phantom Zone. It shakes up Kara’s allies, especially her adopted sister, Alex Danvers. However, the Mars Hunter remembers Alex, who is also a hero like Kara.

Additionally, she also gains a Heroic Badge and a new codename: Sentinel. J’onn explains that the title belonged to an old Martian friend (as well as her weapon, called Soldier’s Hand, which allows her to craft any weapon of her choice). Now she’s a superhero along with other Arrowverse heroes.

Alex Danvers is now the Sentinel.

Fans have noticed a connection to Alan Scott, the Green Lantern of the Golden Age of comics. For a while, the character even took on the role of Sentinel. During this time, he did not have his magic ring, although his powers manifested in a glow in his hands. Although he’s not a Green Lantern and doesn’t have shiny hands, Alex can craft any weapon he wants with the Soldier’s Hand.

Supergirl airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Below, also see everything you need to know about the Dreamer, another Supergirl heroine:

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