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The dark and macabre universe of Death Note is about to be expanded, with a new manga set to be released. Entitled The Collection of Short Stories, it is a collection of short stories set in the universe of the saga, with the presence of shinigamis and characters that we already know and love from the work of Tsugumi Ohba .

Now we have our first look at this collection of dark stories. Ken Xyro, a famous manga insider, posted the cover and a new image of the collection on Twitter. The image shows us how the magazine will be published by Jump Comics.

Discover the following arts:

The story is not over yet!

It is important to note that in the anthology we will have stories written by Tsugumi Ohba himself.

It’s curious that, even though the main story ended years ago, Death Note’s popularity is on the rise again. Following the disastrous Netflix-produced live-action (which has yet to win a sequel), we also released a sequel last year, which stars new protagonist Minoru Tanaka.

In his story, Minoru doesn’t try to rid the world of evil and hypocritical people, as Light Yagami has tried in the past. Instead, he tries to get a good deal by selling the Death Note to the buyer who offers him the most money – but even so, that doesn’t stop him from witnessing the terrors and catastrophes that accompany Ryuk’s cursed notebook.

Death Note: The Collection of Short Stories will be released on February 4 in Japan, but there are still no plans for the manga to be released in Brazil.

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