Huntress gets a makeover in DC comics

Future State has brought in a series of never-before-seen characters, but now is the time to return to DC Universe continuity with Infinite Frontier – the publisher’s next phase.

Classic characters are back in revamped comics. Among the minor changes, the highlight is the Huntress who appears in a completely new uniform (via CB).

Bat Family News

The heroine appears in Infinite Frontier’s Batman-centric story # 0 – a special edition designed to set the stage for the new comic book arc. After following another Joker invasion of Arkham Asylum, this time to kill Bane, we can see subtle changes in the bat family.

Barbara Gordon returned to function as Oracle, providing tactical support to new Batgirls: Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. That’s when Helena Bertinelli appears, remembering the good old days when she fought crime alongside Barbara like the birds of prey.

Huntress brings the past to life with the Oracle

New look

Despite this dialogue indicating that we will see the return of the team very soon, what caught the most attention was the appearance of the heroine. The new look seems to combine the classic comic book style with the live-action version played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead in Birds of Prey (2020), particularly short hair with an asymmetrical hairstyle.

The uniform is dominated by white lines contrasting with the dark tones we’re most used to, suggesting a lighter version of the character. It’s still unclear what her true importance will be in Infinite Frontier, but Helena is confirmed in future editions of Detective Comics.

The Huntress was one of the most beloved characters in Birds of Prey

Infinite Frontier begins to hit US newsstands in March.

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