HQ shows one of the Birds of Prey became a criminal in the comics

Warning: spoiler alert!

The DC Universe has undergone major changes with the arrival of the Future State event. In the version of the future we’re presented with, new heroes have donned the dresses of the publisher’s big names, and even the heroes already known to the public are seen in significantly different situations than usual. This appears to have happened to one of the Birds of Prey, according to the events of “No Future No Past,” a story featured in Future State: Dark Detective.

In the plot, the Magistrate, a mysterious organization that has taken control of Gotham, has adopted increasingly strict policies against vigilantes. Because of this, Luke Fox, who was previously Batwing, decides to leave Gotham to avoid problems for his family. He enlists Grifter’s help with this, although he does not have a friendly relationship with the mercenary, and the two begin to work together to escape the city.

To do this, they must venture into Gotham, taking on more enemies than the Magistrate, like the Black Mask Syndicate (Black Mask Syndicate, in free translation). After a tough fight, the couple reach their destination, where they search for the so-called Queen of Clubs, and Grifter reveals that his secret contact is none other than the Huntress, whom he calls “one of the last and best. criminals’ of Gotham.

While she doesn’t always accept bat family rules, and sometimes has more violent and harsh attitudes, the Huntress is still considered a hero in the standard DC timeline, even being a part of the birds of prey alongside Batgirl and the Black Canary. It is not yet clear what led the character on another path in Future State, but future volumes should reveal more about the Huntress in this universe.

While less likely, it’s also possible that this Huntress is not the same as we know, since she is never identified as Helena. However, that would lead to even more questions, such as what happened to the original Huntress and who took on her role.

Grifter points out that playing with the Huntress is risky, as she’s not someone to be bothered with, and thus points out that she has become a truly dangerous figure in the Future State universe. Even so, in one of the last panels of HQ, it is possible to see that the Huntress herself is behind the two, and the meeting that will come will not have a peaceful start.

What do you think led the Huntress to become one of Gotham’s biggest criminals? Will we see a very bad version of the character? Be sure to comment!

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