HQ confirms new cosmic couple

Krakoa is not just a question of politics! Love is in the air and unexpected couples began to form, but few imagined that we would see Mancha Solar forming a couple with the dangerous (and sometimes bloodthirsty) prey, the villain, the anti- heroine and one of the most interesting characters in Shi. “empire. air. Well, the new X-Men HQ confirms the lovebirds are together.

In X-Men # 17 (via CBR), we got confirmation that what started as a flirtation in the New Mutants’ first adventure in Krakoa, ended with an extremely powerful couple. In the plot, Roberto da Costa, the Solar Mancha, is dazzled by Rapina as soon as he sees her, but his procession was initially rejected. However, in the midst of the Shiite crisis, there has been confirmation that they are together.

Prey and Sunspot kiss in New Mutants

If you don’t remember, Mancha Solar and the New Mutants went to space to “save” their fellow Missile. Among the many confusions the team finds, they find themselves at the center of yet another drama involving Shia royalty. Cal’syee Neramani, Rapine, is the rightful heir to the space throne, but not everyone in the Shiite elite agrees with this, as the bloody story (including the murders in the family itself) left it marked for the people.

Despite this, the young Empress Xandra, daughter of Xavier and Lilandra, agreed to be advised by Rapina on political matters. Again, many people disagreed with this and one group attempted to assassinate Rapine. This is where the New Mutants ended up getting involved and, with great charm, Mancha Solar ended up winning the warrior’s heart.

Now, in X-Men 17, mutants are called in to help with the new Shi’ar Crisis. Once there, Jean Gray, Cyclops and Storm find the kingdom locked, Xandra explaining the political confusion with the Stygians. That’s when Rapina offers part of her lover’s fortune, the Sunspot, to solve the problem.

Rapine talks about the Sun Spot fortune

It seems that in addition to the charm and charisma of the Brazilian, Rapina also liked Roberto da Costa’s money. At another point in the same HQ, Roberto talks to Missile as Rapina asks him to sunbathe more. According to the mutant, his beloved thinks it makes him smell better, losing the “smell” of planet Earth.

Now, we’re hoping the lovebirds stay together longer – and their romance is well developed.

So, did you like the couple?

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