How to defeat the predator and complete the missions

Continuing with its unexpected crossovers, Fortnite has decided to create an entire season based on bounty hunters in a plot that involves issues in the multiverse nexus. After a season full of Marvel heroes and villains, it’s time to go hunting, but it won’t be that easy …

Between Mandalorian, Kratos, The Walking Dead guys, Master Chief, and so many other iconic characters, the game couldn’t leave out one of the biggest predators. So, at the end of January, the great Predator was introduced into the game. We have prepared an article with everything you need to know to face it and get the rewards.

Where is Predator located in Fortnite?

The stealth fortress is where the predator hides

The predator is hidden in the “Fortress of Furtiva,” an area designed entirely to contain the creature. As expected, he’s not easily defeated, going invisible and attacking with a quick streak that looks like Wolverine last season. After a few seconds, the character will jump, setting up another ambush.

He usually spawns near the temple or its fallen ship, but you can find him wandering the area. The best thing to do is turn up the sound and be attentive, after all before it appears it will be possible to hear a characteristic noise of the character.

How to beat Predator easily?

The hardest part of dealing with the predator is having to hunt it down. As previously stated, the character does long jumps and is able to camouflage himself, making himself virtually invisible. He will repeat this pattern (leap and invisibility) whenever he attacks or is attacked, so be prepared to deal with some scares and the more complicated part – knowing where he has gone.

The best way to deal with it is to rely on digital strength. It is possible to play with your friends to defeat the predator – even if the mission is only completed for the one who takes the last hit – which increases your chances of survival and the speed of the enterprise. But if you have to do it on your own, be aware of the sounds, have plenty of shields and bandages, and don’t let it escape. Keep an eye out for him as soon as he jumps as it will be easier to attack him as he starts to come out of stealth.

Watch out for the character’s quick attacks!

It should be remembered that the Predator manages to destroy buildings, so there is no point in relying on all your strategy in these structures. Pick a good point to start the attack on, but don’t try to trick it, because it won’t work. The best way to try to limit the character’s action space is to hide inside the temple, as they can spend time walking between buildings.

What are the missions?

The main mission is very simple: kill the predator. However, he will not make his job easier and it will be very complicated to face the character. In addition, there are several additional missions available, ranging from talking to NPCs to fighting your enemies using the Predator skin.

Check out the full list of missions:

Talk to the meaty boss, medicine and test dummy Visit the predator’s apartment in the hunt as a predator Complete a predator hunt Do damage as a predator with active thermal technology Stay 30 seconds within 20 meters ‘an opponent as a predator Defeat the predator

What are the rewards?

The predator is here!

The biggest reward is the predator itself. By defeating the character, you unlock his skin and you can hunt your enemies like a great hunter. Additionally, when you kill the character, you receive their camouflage device as an activatable device, and you can use this ability to ambush your enemies.

The other rewards are:

Banner Icon – Predator Emoticon – Plasma Emitter Crosshair Spray – Hunter Thermal Sight Loading Screen – Hunting Costume – Predator Back Accessory – Hunter’s Trophy Gesture – Connected Biocapacete (remove mask from Predator) Collecting Tool – Yautja Wrist Blades Wraps – Hunter’s Arsenal

So, are you ready for the hunt?

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