Hero’s ally undergoes horrific transformation at HQ

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Throughout The Immortal Hulk, audiences were able to witness several terrible transformations, all of them worse than the last. This time, the new threats to come to the world of the Emerald Giant didn’t just affect him, and one of his oldest allies ended up taking the consequences. In Volume 44 of the series, Rick Jones underwent a gruesome transformation, transforming into a monster that sort of references one of the classic Hulk villains (via CBR).

After being controlled by the Chief for a long time, Rick Jones suffered from the villain’s choices when he decided to seek out Doctor Charlene McGowan, in the hopes that she would join him. In addition to denying the proposal, McGowan splits Rick in half, apparently killing him. Instead, Rick’s body merges with that of Delbert Frye, another victim of experiments using gamma rays. But despite the hideous appearance, the resulting creature does not prove to be very dangerous.

The transformation Rick Jones went through.

Back on the surface, Rick meets Pygmy, Shaman, and Doc Samson, who is in the body of Alpha Troop Sasquatch today. Samson goes on the attack with the arrival of what appears to be a monster, believing the hideous creature to be a threat and the leader is still there. Despite Rick and Frye’s new appearance referencing another Hulk villain with more than one face, the so-called Bi-Beast, this being is certainly more gruesome than the Emerald Giant’s former enemy.

Attacked by Doc Samson, Rick tries by all means to ask him to stop without facing him, which is not a simple task given his new form. Pygmy and Shaman, however, realize that the creature does not retaliate, and Dr. McGowan helps them save Rick before he is destroyed.

The villainous Bi-Beast.

A huge creature created by the Inhuman Birdmen, Bi-Beast was left on its own after the deaths of its creators. After a clash with the Hulk, the villain destroyed himself instead of being captured. However, instead of meeting his permanent end, the villain returned later, with a new version of himself being created, duplicated. In addition to harassing the Hulk, the antagonist faced off against other characters, such as Thor and Iron Man.

Despite her peculiar appearance, Bi-Beast has never looked so physically scary as Frye and Rick have after their transformation. The Immortal Hulk may not have introduced the concept of a character with more than one head into the world of the Emerald Giant, but he certainly did so in a much more terrible way than what has been seen previously. It’s not yet possible to know what will happen to Rick Jones in the future, but the transformation has earned a place among the most hideous seen in the Hulk comics.

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