Heroine’s solo film is still in development

During DC Fandome last year, we got confirmation of a surge of production development from our favorite DC heroes. One absence that was much felt was Batgirl, but it looks like we have reason to be hopeful (via CB).

At an event for the shareholders of AT&T, the company responsible for Warner Bros., a panel with all DC Comics productions in development for theaters, television and streaming was shown. Among the recurring names – like The Suicide Squad and the Superman & Lois series – we can see the shy Batgirl movie logo.

It looks like the project has been going on all this time under the direction of screenwriter Christina Hodson. Production will likely evolve at an even slower rate due to the covid-19 pandemic.

DC range in the coming years

The Joss Wheadon controversy

The heroine feature film was announced in 2017, with the bombshell that Joss Wheadon would be in charge of the project.

We didn’t hear from him for a long time, until the director confirmed he left production because he couldn’t imagine a Barbara Gordon story to tell in theaters.

Wheadon, who ran The Avengers and Justice League, was recently embroiled in a huge controversy when he was accused of abusive behavior by Ray Fisher, the Cyborg. It looked like Batgirl would take the brunt of it and fall into oblivion to erase any controversy from her former manager.

Batgirl exploded in popularity thanks to the New 52

But with confirmation that production remains firm and strong, will we have the announcement of a new director anytime soon? Who would you like to see in the role of Batgirl? Be sure to comment!

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