Hello Kitty will have a live-action movie

It looks like the fashion for live-action adaptations is really here to stay. After the graduate adaptations of Disney classics, countless other popular characters are leaving animation for the “real world,” and Hello Kitty will join that group. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the directors of the project have already been chosen.

According to the website, Jennifer Coyle (Harlequin: The Animated Series, Bob’s Burguers) and Leo Matsuda (Zootopia, Operation Big Hero, and Wi-Fi: Ralph) will be the directors of the New Line movie. The screenplay is signed by Lindsey Beer, production is in charge of Beau Flynn, while executive production is with the Known Universe group.

The film will be a hybrid between live action and animation, following the model of the new Tom & Jerry film. This is the first time that Sanrio has granted the film rights for Hello Kitty and other characters in the franchise to a major film studio. Additional details about the project were not disclosed.

Sanrio characters may appear in Hello Kitty movie

Is this adaptation a success?

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