HBO Max releases new trailer for 2021 releases

HBO Max has released an amazing new trailer showing off some of its major 2021 releases, with new scenes from Mortal Kombat and Suicide Squad that should get fans excited.

The trailer shows several scenes from Warner’s 2021 releases. Many of these had already been shown in the teaser the studio directed a while back, but this time we have new previews of movies like Godzilla. vs. Kong, Duna, Judas and the Dark Messiah, and Summoning of Evil 3. However, the biggest highlight is the new, fast-paced scenes from Mortal Kombat, which show the warriors from the plot line meeting.

In another quick moment of the trailer, we have a new scene from Suicide Squad, which shows the Sanguinarian (Idris Elba) and the Peacemaker (John Cena) in a very funny moment, which is cut out just as the character de Cena is going to say a bad word.

Check out the trailer:

Last year, Warner announced that its biggest 2021 releases would be released both in theaters and on HBO Max, its new streaming service. While many liked the initiative, several producers, directors and actors did not approve of the idea, mainly because they were not consulted in the decision.

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