Hawk and the Winter Soldier: the series receives a new trailer

Falcon and the Winter Soldier is coming! The series will explore Captain America’s next shield bearer, showing off a very political plot and dealing with complex themes. Taking advantage of the approach of its debut date, Disney + released a new trailer during the Super Bowl to publicize the project.

In the trailer, we get a taste of what we’re going to enjoy about the series, with plenty of action involving the Falcon and the Winter Soldier. Check-out:

Hawk and the Winter Soldier are coming to Disney +

Hawk and the Winter Soldier is set to release on March 19 on Disney +, replacing WandaVision, which is currently featured. The series will consist of six episodes and will focus on the transition of Captain America’s mantle, as the US government chooses a successor to Freedom Sentinel and the war for the shield begins.

Below, see everything you need to notice in the series’ first trailer:

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