Hawk and the Winter Soldier receives two new action-packed teasers

Hawk and the Winter Soldier is coming! The series will explore Captain America’s next shield bearer, showing a very political plot and dealing with complex themes. Taking advantage of the approach of its debut date, Disney + has released two new teasers for the series, which show the fun and complicated relationship between Sam and Bucky.

In a new teaser posted to Marvel’s Twitter, along with some brief new scenes, it says “the price of freedom is high” and we can see several scenes full of action and combat.

Marvel’s YouTube teaser is a bit longer and features other unseen, but very quick scenes; in a specific scene the two heroes talk about their relationship, while Bucky says they are “partners”, Sam decides to call them “colleagues”.

Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes after a workout with Captain America’s vibranium shield

The plot will follow Falcão (Anthony Mackie) and the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan) in a post-Captain America world. The series will consist of six episodes and focus on the transition of Captain America’s mantle, as the US government chooses a successor to the Sentinel of Liberty and the war for the shield begins.

Additionally, Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes will face a new threat: Stateless Persons, an organization that aims to end concepts like countries and borders, to create a new world.

Hawk and the Winter Soldier debuts at Disney + on March 19.

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