Harley Quinn wants to reverse all the bad the Joker has done in the comics

The days of Harlequin crime are in the past. For a few years now, the anti-heroine has been trying to compensate the victims of the atrocities she committed while dating the Joker. In her new solo magazine, she plans to go even further.

In the Joker’s War

Harley Quinn # 1 takes place shortly after the events of The Joker’s War. When the crime clown stole billions of Bruce Wayne’s fortune, he used that money to wreak havoc on Gotham City.

Determined to free herself from the bad memories she had of her abusive relationship, Harlequin was a key part in stopping her. Throughout the war, she faced off against Punchline – the villain’s new partner – and even saved Batman’s life. It was not enough to convince him of the doctor’s good intentions, but it aroused his curiosity.

Harlequin takes on Punchline in Joker War

Doctor Harley Quinn

Now that the dust has settled, Batman has heard rumors that Harlequin faced off against the crocodile. Suspicious, he decides to investigate. Upon meeting her, she explains her true intentions: to make peace with all those she has infuriated or hurt while working for the Joker.

Batman is ready to give Harlequin a chance, especially after witnessing the heroic act of the clown: she steps in when a mob tries to kill a former Joker henchman.

Harlequin explains his plan for Batman

Despite all of her criminal history, Arlequina has a degree in Psychiatry and knows how difficult it is to overcome the wounds the Joker left behind. These arguments persuade Batman to let her give it a try, even though he still plans to keep an eye on her adventures.

Harlequin will have a long way to go using everything she’s learned from her degree to fix Gotham’s bad guys, but her actions are starting to bother grown-ups. Hugo Strange, another well-known DC Comics psychiatrist, is in town and doesn’t seem too willing to let go of the clown.

Hugo Strange was freed to hunt “clowns”

Produced by Stephanie Phillips, Riley Rossmo, Ivan Plascencia, and Deron Bennett, Harley Quinn # 1 begins the anti-heroine journey in the Infinite Frontier era and is already hitting US newsstands.

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