Pure Group announces today that a new Pure Fitness Hong Kong location is set to open at One Taikoo Place, Quarry Bay in August 2019.

The space will feature the world’s most innovative equipment and state-of-the-art fitness technology to offer ‘first in Hong Kong’ experiences.

The new 9,300 sq. ft. space will generate a distinct character that is carefully tailored to clients and residents in the surrounding area. Visitors will find a special cardio area with the latest equipment, fully equipped resistance and free-weight training zones, and a dedicated stretching space.

The newest location will house never-seen-before equipment in Hong Kong in partnership with Technogym.

In addition to the new facilities and equipment, Pure Nutrition will open its third consultation facility at this Quarry Bay location.

Pure Nutrition works with individuals to provide the knowledge and tools needed to identify what to eat and when, plus the education and support for each person’s health journey.

“Pure Fitness One Taikoo Place will be an exciting playground of engaging workout experiences that will inspire and accelerate people’s journeys towards a happier, healthier life,” said says Colin Grant, Pure Group Co-Founder and CEO.

The new opening will be the 10th Pure Fitness in Hong Kong and the 15th in Asia, resulting in a total 34 Pure Group locations (Pure Yoga and Pure Fitness) across Asia.