Granolah takes on new form in manga’s final chapter

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

Dragon Ball Super continues to invest heavily in the saga of Granolah, the survivor, bringing a new threat to Goku, Vegeta and their allies. Consumed in his plan for revenge, Granolah is gaining more and more power wherever he goes – and now he has just acquired an even more powerful new form. All of this, of course, thanks to the Dragon Balls on your planet.

In the 70th chapter of Dragon Ball Super, we see how Granolah is still plotting revenge against the evil Freeza and some Saiyans for the destruction of his people. For this, he gathers the Dragon Balls located on his home planet, Cereal, and ends up taking a new form.

The new form, however, doesn’t make any drastic changes to the character’s appearance. In this new form, Granolah only has longer hair, much like Goku’s Super Saiyan 3 – with the difference that his face doesn’t change shape either.

However, to go through this transformation, the mercenary had to make a sacrifice, giving three years of his life. But he still has plenty of energy and is ready to hunt Freeza to the ends of the universe, no matter what the cost.


New form of Granolah in the manga, with longer hair.

The manga ends with the Heeters (a powerful group of space mercenaries) deciding that the best course of action right now is to let Granolah attack the Z Warriors, leaving them free space for them to somehow control. Freeza’s army and use it to your advantage. . All of this needs to be explored as the Survivor Arc unfolds.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 has already been released in Japan, but there are no plans to release in Brazil.

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