Godzilla vs Kong has an early release date

Warner Bros. has set a new release date for Godzilla vs Kong, which is slated to debut in theaters and on HBO Max (via Variety) simultaneously.

The feature film that will bring the Two Big Titans face off was slated for May 21, but now its debut has been postponed to March 26, gaining a lead. This is no less than the fifth time the film’s date has been changed.

After the tension between Warner and Legendary Entertainment, the producer behind Godzilla vs. Kong, it seems there was an agreement between the two sides and a new release strategy for the film has been sketched out.

Same day it opens in theaters, ‘Godzilla vs Kong’ lands on HBO Max

Warner Bros. first tested its hybrid launch plan in December with Wonder Woman 1984. The DC superhero sequel has generated $ 132 million worldwide so far – which could be a positive number since the pandemic COVID-19 is still hitting the world.

Starting March 26, we’ll find out how audiences will behave in the face of the release of Godzilla vs. Kong. Can the film be called a success? Leave your comment!

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