Godzilla vs Kong: collectibles point to new monsters

The first Godzilla vs Kong trailer previously indicated that the two wouldn’t be the only monsters fighting in the movie, but a new toy line might have revealed more about the other creatures that will be in the story. . In addition to naming the new monsters, the collectibles show off some of their visuals, as well as alternate versions of the two characters that give the film its name.

The image posted by Kaiju News Outlet shows a line of clips designed to attach to backpacks, bags or key chains, produced by Monogram (via comic). According to her, the winged serpent seen previously in the trailer appears to be called “Warbat.” Other eye-catching additions to Monstroverso are “Skullcrawler” and “Hellhawk”.

You can see all of the collectibles below:

Collectibles may have shown the New Titans!

In addition to the new creatures, the line features a version of Godzilla with a heat ray and Kong with a battle ax. Two other objects have not been revealed, but it is speculated that the first mysterious object is none other than MechaGodzilla, a robotic version of the titan whose participation in the film had previously been indicated by another line of toys. It’s worth remembering that nothing has been officially confirmed yet and the collectibles may differ from what will actually be in the movie.

Godzilla vs Kong was directed by Adam Wingard, and according to the official synopsis, the battle between the two titans is just the beginning of a mystery that lies at the center of the Earth itself. The film will premiere March 31 on HBO Max and in theaters.

Cheering Kong or Godzilla, what other monsters do you hope to see in the movie? Be sure to comment!

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