Gina Carano talks about her resignation from the series

Star Wars fans were surprised last week when Lucasfilm announced that Gina Carano, who played mercenary Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, had been fired by the studio after a series of offensive posts she posted on her social media. Now the actress herself has spoken about the resignation, taking the opportunity to announce her new project.

In a statement on the Deadline website, Gina Carano spoke directly to her detractors, promising to reference the culture of cancellation in her latest work, a film made in conjunction with conservative website The Daily Wire. . The actress said:

“The Daily Wire is helping me make one of my dreams – developing and producing my own film – a reality. I cried out and my prayers were answered. I send a direct message of hope to all who live in fear of being canceled out by the totalitarian mob. I have just started to use my voice, now freer than ever, and I hope this can inspire others to do the same. They can’t cancel us if we don’t allow it. “

Gina Carano as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian: Disney fired actress for offensive internet posts

Carano will develop, produce and star in the upcoming film, which does not yet have a title or release date. The Daily Wire has confirmed that it will be broadcast exclusively to its subscribers. The production is by Dallas Sonnier (Trail of Evil).

Why was Gina Carano fired?

For several months, Carano has been causing embarrassment on social media, using Twitter and Instagram to make transphobic comments, criticize the use of masks, mitigate the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, spread conspiracy theories and criticize the Black Lives Matter movement.

Last Wednesday (10), the actress posted an anti-Semitic (prejudice against Jews) story on Instagram, where she compared Republican voters to Jews persecuted and killed during Nazism. Despite the removal of the post, fans of the series started a movement on Twitter, #FireGinaCarano (Demita Gina Carano), which within hours had already become one of the most talked about topics on the social network.

In an official statement made this week, a Lucasfilm spokesperson reported on Gina Carano’s resignation from The Mandalorian:

“Gina Carano is no longer an employee of Lucasfilm and there are no plans to be in the future. His social media posts that offend people because of their culture and religious identity are abominable and unacceptable ”

Gina Carano was fired by Lucasfilm for the content of her social media posts

Both seasons of The Mandalorian are available in the Disney + catalog.

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