GameStop’s fourth stock movie announced, this time from HBO

HBO is developing a new film focusing on the recent case of Wall Street’s war on small investors, which caused GameStop’s stock to skyrocket last week. It is no less than the fourth production on this theme.

According to Variety, the film promises to exploit the populist revolt of social media users who defeated Wall Street at their own game, upsetting the stock market. The film is signed by executive producers Andrew Ross Sorkin, Len Amato and Jason Blum and is slated to be an HBO branded project.

HBO enters the game from studios developing GameStop stories

This is just another story-driven production to be announced this week. A documentary was released yesterday (4), an adaptation of MGM is in development for theaters and a film with Noah Centineo is being written for Netflix.

To understand the whole case involving a group of Reddit users and an unprecedented movement on Wall Street, check out our story explaining the case.

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