Game-based Netflix anime Dragon’s Blood gets preview

Taking everyone by surprise, Netflix today released a preview of DOTA: Dragon’s Blood, its new anime based on the DOTA 2 game. The project, created in partnership with the game’s developer Valve, promises to be a hit. epic adventure full of battles and fantastic creatures.

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood will have eight episodes and release on March 25. The animation will focus on Davion, a renowned dragon knight who dedicates his life to taking down the mighty monsters of the world. But his life changes after meeting Mirana, a noble princess who has a secret mission. This is where the lives of the two characters change forever, when they find themselves embroiled in colossal events.

Watch the teaser below:

Ashely Edward Miller (X-Men: First Class and Thor) will be a showrunner and produce the project. In a statement sent to the Deadline website, Miller said:

“Fans will love the way we envision the DOTA 2 universe and create an epic, exciting and mature story for some of their favorite characters. This cinematic animation, acting and music is just on another level and I am grateful to Valve for supporting our creative ambitions.

What is DOTA 2?

Released in 2013, DOTA 2 is the sequel to Defense of the Ancients, the original DOTA game, 2005 which was a Warcraft III mod. DOTA 2 is a MOBA that has countless iconic characters who have taken the world by storm. Although its popularity was eclipsed by League of Legends (another very successful MOBA), DOTA 2 today maintains a loyal fan base and guarantees entertainment for thousands of players daily.

DOTA 2 has won over passionate fans!

Dota: Dragon’s Blood arrives on Netflix on March 25, 2021.

Check out the anime coming to Netflix in 2021:

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