Fortnite may soon have a Flash skin

Apparently, Flash will be the next hero to land on Fortnite. According to HYPEX, a DC Sprinter skin will be available as part of a new gaming tournament, which is scheduled to start on Wednesday (10).

None of the information has been officially confirmed by Epic Games, but the source is generally correct when it comes to Fornite. According to them, the “Flash Cup” will last only one day and will give the well-positioned people of the event a free character skin.

HYPEX also posted an image that features Flash in Fortnite. Check-out:

Flash could arrive on Fortnite later this week

Last year, several Marvel characters appeared on Fortnite, spawning several competitions around them. Last season, players had to face Galactus in a live event that rocked the game.

What do you think of the Flash skin? Are you curious to see the official announcement of the character’s arrival, assuming it’s real?

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