Fortnite Creator Epic Games Helps Produce Animated Film

A few years ago, Epic Games became a huge success and one of the biggest game developers after the huge success of Fortnite. Now the company plans to move from games to animated films, helping to produce the film Gilgamesh.

According to Deadline, Epic Games is taking its first steps to enter the world of animated films. The studio teamed up with animation company Hook Up to work on the project with producers DuermeVela and FilmSharks to help produce the film Gilgamesh, which follows the former Sumerian king who becomes a mythological hero.

The film will use Epic Games’ Unreal Engine.

Epic Games’ role in the production of the film is to provide the Unreal Engine – a 3D creation platform for photorealistic visuals and immersive experiences – to make the film out of it, strange as it sounds, Epic has it. – even used the Unreal Engine to produce their animations, like the Fortnite event trailers and videos, which are generally pretty good.

In addition to Unreal Engine, Epic Games has also invested $ 100 million in the project. This amount was accumulated in an Epic Games fund that was set aside to help other creators planning to use Unreal Engine.

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