Force Phoenix reveals he has already picked his next host at a new HQ

Warning: spoiler alert!

Earth’s greatest heroes are at war and the reason is the Phoenix Force. Since returning to the limelight of the Marvel Universe, the entity has put the Avengers to fight for their power in the “Enter the Phoenix” arc. However, it seems that this tournament is just a trick. The Phoenix Force has already chosen who they want as their host (via CB).

With the rest of the heroes engaged in their respective battles in Avengers # 41, the Phoenix Force sends an emissary to try to convince their coveted champion to agree to serve him.

Most avid fans will recognize this one as Firehair. As well as being the original founder of the Avengers, she’s also hosted the Phoenix in the team’s earliest stories, One Million BC. In life, she has encountered the original Black Panther – the first human to discover Vibranium – and intends to use that connection to her advantage.

Firehair brings a proposal from Phoenix

In the form of a fiery spirit, she meets T’Challa, the current Black Panther, with a proposal from the Phoenix Force herself. A peace offering …

“Give yourself to it. And she promises that Wakanda’s name will burn for the stars. Try to face it and it will burn Wakanda until all that remains is ashes.

T’Chall had been battling the dark influence of the Phoenix Force for some time without anyone knowing it, but Firehair’s veiled threat to his people was the last straw. He countered the emissary’s proposal with his own offer:

“You fought to defend this planet in the past. Show me you can fight again and I’ll spare your life. But keep treating the people of this world like your burning puppets … and I won’t be so merciful.

We don’t know how the Phoenix Force will react to the counterproposal, but they seem determined to corrupt T’Challa. Besides Pantera, Captain America, She-Hulk, Shang-Chi, and the Red Widow continue to fight for their power.

The story continues in Avengers # 42, which hits US newsstands Feb. 3.

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