First Impressions and Secrets of the Resident Evil Village Demo

Ready to continue Ethan’s journey in Resident Evil? After a long wait, incredible teasers and surprising rumors, CAPCOM has officially started to publicize Resident Evil Village, the eighth chapter of the saga, with a release date for the game, a brand new trailer and a special demo. for PlayStation 5 players.

Named uniquely “Maiden,” the demo accompanies a servant of the Dimitrescu family – the already iconic vampires shown in the Village trailers – trying to escape the castle after spending time trapped in their ladies’ dungeon.

We’ve played the demo (live on Legion Twitch, if you want to see the VOD click here) and now we’re going to tell you all about that experience and the news that this fast-paced adventure features on the new Resident Evil. Put on your garlic head necklace and come with me!

What is Maiden and how does it relate to Resident Evil Village?

Maiden is the first demo of Resident Evil Village, released January 21, exclusively for PlayStation 5. It is not yet known if this same experience will be ported to other platforms, but it has been said that other consoles and PCs will also receive a demo in the future. .

In Maiden, you control a servant of the Dimitrescu family who has been imprisoned in the dungeon of the “vampire” castle. “Maiden” means “maiden,” but it is also used to refer to young women employed in medieval or fantasy settings. The protagonist of the demo cannot attack, grab large objects, jump or run at high speed – you are completely helpless when trying to escape your prison.

In Resident Evil Village you will play as Ethan, the protagonist of RE7, Maiden puts you in the shoes of this minion to introduce you to some of the Dimitrescu, who must be major villains of the game itself. Thus, you discover interesting and important details about these “vampires” while trying to escape from the castle.

What is the story of Maiden?

Although at the end of the demo the story is very clear, Maiden isn’t giving you the exact answers and a lot of things here are just a guess based on documents found in the game.

We may be in the late 1950s, so Maiden is doing well, long before Resident Evil Village. Some notes that could come from the protagonist indicate 1958.

As a servant you wake up in the dungeon of Dimitrescu Castle. As you explore your cell, you will find a note hidden on the wall, written by someone who doesn’t identify with, but who has apparently gone through something similar. There are instructions for escaping from prison.

Throughout the game, you can find other documents and notes that better explain the situation. The Dimitrescu ladies are always on the lookout for servants for their castle and have a strict selection. At one point, a list shows several names of girls who have been frowned upon and little accepted, even with such a big house and such a wealthy family.

Some documents, which may be from the protagonist, show the violent behavior of the ladies towards the maids. In one of them, it is said that, a few weeks after starting to work at the castle, she saw Miss Daniela, one of the three daughters of the great lady Dimitrescu, cut the face of one of the maids after that the girl made a mistake.

These notes can even tell you why you were arrested. One, written by the protagonist (maybe), says she made the mistake of opening one of the dining room windows on a stuffy day. She was scolded by the Dimitrescu for closing the door and feared that she would soon be taken to the dungeon.

Towards the end of the demo, we found a document talking about Dimitrescu’s famous wine and how it has a unique flavor, secret ingredient, and rigorous production process. Here we find out that these wines started to be created around the 15th century and the note may have revealed Lady Dimitrescu’s name: Alcina. She is said to have used a particular but legendary technique to enhance the taste of wine.

Your most famous creation? The bottles of “Sanguis Virginis”, which can be translated as “Maiden’s Blood”.

Finally, when you are about to leave, one of Dimitrescu’s daughters ambushes you, and right after, Lady Dimitrescu herself finds you. It takes place in the dining room, where the window is open and you know the great claws of the hostess.

Who are the Dimitrescu of Resident Evil Village?

The demo says more than it looks about the Dimitrescu ladies. This all-female family dates back to the start of their actions around the 15th century, with Alcina Dimitrescu – perhaps the giant leader of the villains. It is a very rich clan, which made itself known thanks to its wine enriched in blood, and which has vampiric habits.

You can’t really tell they’re vampires because it’s Resident Evil. It could be an old mutation in the virus and whatever else you already know. But the demo reveals that they have vampiric behaviors. Due to the incident with the window, you can understand that they are not fans of the sun, the house shows dishes with rotten meat, but what maybe it was raw before, also suggesting cannibalism and wine enriched with maiden blood is the fine touch in the story.

Still, with Maiden, it’s possible to conclude that the Dimitrescu has long attracted minions to sacrifice – and maybe that will be addressed at some point in RE8. When you venture into the house, there is no other maid, even with rooms with dishes of rotten food. Thus, the protagonist was only the last of the tracks to become wine.

Finally, Maiden shows one of Dimitrescu’s daughters in “attack mode”. When she cornered you in the main hall, the girl was enveloped in a cloud of black bugs that seemed to “carry” you as she flew. It may be Daniela, the only one of the trio of sisters mentioned in the documents. She also takes some of your blood, just to keep the vampire wave going.

And, of course, the demo couldn’t end without an appearance from the giant Lady Dimitrescu – who needs to bend down to get through the door. Alcina (?) Is the last thing you see in the game, when she reveals huge blade claws sticking out of her fingers and, well, she starts to produce another bottle of Sanguis Virginis.

What do we think of Maiden?

It’s hard to trust Maiden to know what to expect from RE8, as it’s so far removed from the game’s main plot and because it’s a demo focused only on one of the bands. villains in history. Having said that, the Village demo is a great experience.

Maiden might not have as much action or hopping as the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remake demos, but it’s better at building the world and the atmosphere. If RE8 is a minimum like that, it will be the biggest aesthetic change and direction of the game, betting more on horror and a reinvention of classic monsters within the universe of the saga.

In terms of vibe, Maiden is even exaggerated in its Gothic style, but it’s not bad. It causes a weirdness, it makes you wonder when the Yharnam of Bloodborne was transported to the world of RE, but soon that sense of decay surprises you and it’s a pleasure to explore all around.

And putting in a completely helpless and (perhaps) uneventful protagonist was the best bet. As said, there isn’t that much action, but knowing that you can’t do anything against any kind of danger, vigilance is constant and any little noise makes you jump.

Even if you’re not a fan of the RE franchise, it’s worth spending a few minutes with Maiden. It’s about half an hour of playtime and I guarantee it will be no regrets. Well, other than the fact that the game is too fast and the game itself is only released in May.

What do you expect from Resident Evil Village? Do not forget to comment!

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Resident Evil Village is scheduled for release on May 7.

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