First image of the third season set released

The Boys is arguably the biggest hit among original Amazon Prime Video content, with two seasons being highly regarded by audiences and critics alike. The third is already on its way, and series creator Eric Kripke has released the first image of the ride’s recordings.

The third season of The Boys has already started filming, and to celebrate, Eric Kripke, creator and showrunner of the Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson comedy adaptation, posted a profile on my Twitter profile from the set. We see a statue of Captain Motherland (Antony Starr) in all its golden splendor, in what seems to be the scene of a big party. Check:

The Homelander statue: the suggestive angle already sets the tone for the third season

What will the third season of The Boys look like?

The boys’ third year will show the aftermath of the explosive end of the previous season, which ended with Tempesta (Aya Cash) seriously injured and a huge moral victory over Captain Homeland, forced to withdraw from the stage under threat. to have your dirty secrets exposed to the public. The mystery about Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), her powers and her goals must also be explored.

Additionally, the third season will adapt a very eschatological comic book arc, Herogasm, which showed the ‘heroes’ of the story on a private island performing all of their perversions under the excuse of being away from Earth to fight a alien threat. Meanwhile, the group led by Billy Bruto (Karl Urban) prepare for the next encounter with the Superseres, in hopes of killing them for good.

A new hero will also be presented in the next episodes: it is Soldier Boy, who will be played by Jensen Ackles, the eternal Dean Winchester of Supernatural. So, anxious?

Jensen Ackles to be Soldier Boy in season three of The Boys

The Boys’ Third Year is coming to Amazon Prime Video in 2021.

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