Film writer opens up about Mr. Miracle’s likely involvement

New Gods, a film that promises to further explore the hearts of DC’s cosmic characters, is one of Warner Bros. most ambitious projects. with the publisher in theaters, and perhaps that’s why so little is known about their production.

The feature film was announced several months ago, and apart from the fact that Ava Duvernay (Selma: A Fight for Equality) will direct it, we don’t know anything about it. Now, Tom King, the film’s screenwriter, has opened up the game a bit more and has spoken about, among other things, the likely participation of an important character: Mr. Miracle.

In a recent appearance on the ComicBook website’s podcast, Tom King spoke a lot about the progress of New Gods, shedding some more light on the very mysterious DC Project. On the scale of the film and the way it works with Ava Duvernay, he said:

“It’s something as ambitious as we can do. Giving a movie like New Gods to a visionary director like Ava… to me, Jack Kirby and Ava are very similar creators. They come from similar places, they have somewhat parallel histories and I think I’m just the guy who combines these two people together so they can create something unique. I can’t say if it’s dark, but it will certainly be ambitious, she will be the one doing her job.

King, who has scripted stories for DC Comics titles in the past, compared the process of writing a comic book to writing a movie:

“Comic book scripts, for those who don’t know, are everywhere. There is no rule about scripting comics. You can be like Roger Stern, who can write three words per page. Or like Grant Morrison, who could say to Yannic Paquette things like “I want that on a double page, that’s the meaning of love”. And that would be it, you know? Alan Moore was writing seventeen paragraphs on a board in the gutter. So I’m somewhere in between these two extremes. Movie scripts are much more formatted. They’re all in Final Draft, which is a program that everyone uses. They are all in the same source, it is a very common language. So it’s different from comics and a lot less flexible. “

And finally, when asked about Mr. Miracle’s likely participation in the film, he replied:

“I don’t see how you could make a New Gods movie with Lord Miracle. It would be a strange movie.

Who is the Miracle Lord?

Created by Jack Kirby in 1971, Lord Miracle is the son of Heavenly Father, Lord of New Genesis, and is said to be “the god of escape”. In his youth, when his planet was at war with Apokolips, he ended up serving as a bargaining chip between his father and Darkseid, being traded for Orion as part of a truce deal. He was then raised in the Grandma Kindness orphanage, where he learned to survive.

Years later, he fell in love with the Great Barda, the Female Furies, escaping with her to Earth. Under the civilian identity of Scott Free, he assumes the Lord Miracle identity of a professional escape artist named Thaddeus Brown, who offers them shelter but is killed by Intergangue. It was the motivation he lacked to use his powers and new identity to fight for good, even being part of powerful hero groups like the Justice League.

He was not the only one to carry this legacy: Shilo Norman, a young African American and disciple of Brown, also assumes the identity of Mr. Miracle, continuing his fight against crime.

The Lord Miracle in Comics: the character was part of some DC supergroups

New Gods has yet to premiere.

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