Far From Home may have given clues to Bucky’s end in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The first Marvel Studios production released after Avengers: Endgame was Spider-Man: Far From Home. The film, which hit theaters three months after Marvel’s big event, showcased some of the aftermath caused by the Blip.

While it’s not officially said how much time elapses between the Spider movie story and the final Avengers movie, it’s believed to be around eight months.

In a recent interview, showrunner and series director Falcão and the Winter Soldier revealed that the series’ plot takes place six months after half of humanity returns – which would mean the original Disney + has take place two months before Spider-Man: Far from home. So, it’s likely that The Neighborhood Friend movie gave us a “spoiler” for Bucky Barnes’ future, according to ComicBook.

Indeed, in the film, the character of Sebastian Stan is included in the list of heroes who saved the world. At one point in the feature film, they show a montage of photos of some of the “brave heroes” who fought in Avengers: Endgame, including a photo of the Winter Soldier, who then becomes such a public figure. than the Falcon.

However, two months earlier, Bucky is walking around New York City as usual and even talking to people who just don’t recognize him. This may mean that by the end of the Falcon and Winter Soldier plot, Bucky will be a figure known around the world and widely “forgiven” for his past crimes.

Bucky in the first episode of ‘Hawk and the Winter Soldier’

However, it is clear that this whole theory can also be challenged. After all, people might be aware that there is a Winter Soldier who fought Thanos’ army but didn’t tie the hero to Bucky’s figure. Or we can be even simpler and say that this is a continuity error that will not affect the franchise storyline in any way.

Either way, the Legion of Heroes always brings debate here and we’ll let you discuss whether the theory makes sense or not. Use the comments field!

Hawk and the Winter Soldier has new episodes every Friday at Disney +.

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