Fans find suspected Spider-Man reference

Warning: Spoiler Alert!

After years of waiting, fan campaigns and wars with the studio, Zack Snyder’s Justice League is finally here with us, with its massive four hours of running time and plenty of content that was left out of the release version. hitting theaters in 2017. The film features a lot more of the mythology of the DC Extended Universe, working heroes, and even villains that were left out of the cinematic cut altogether. Additionally, fans also found a possible reference to an important Marvel hero.

Throughout the film, Zack Snyder inserted several Easter eggs and references to comics and other DC Comics characters, which would open the door for new inclusions in the future. However, one scene in particular has drawn attention for bringing what appears to be an Easter Egg to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

This is the sequence where the heroes of the Justice League must face off against the newly resurrected Superman at the foot of the hero’s memorial. In the scene, Flash fights the Man of Steel and ends up being thrown over a wall (unlike the 2017 version, where he’s just thrown to the ground).

By hitting the memorial wall, filled with the names of victims who died in Metropolis, following the events described in Man of Steel, 2013, we can see one name in particular: Ben Parker appears as one of the victims of the attack on the General Zod on Earth.

Coincidence or deliberate reference?

While this seems like a benchmark, it’s important to say that Ben Parker is a very common name and it could all be a good coincidence. Still, if it turns out to be a determined Easter Egg, it’s interesting that the film honored such an important character in Spider-Man’s history – the hero’s uncle, who is the greatest moral compass in the stories of Peter Parker -, even more captivating taking into account that the current franchise of Amigão da Vizinhança seems to have completely forgotten the existence of the character.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League is available for rental on Google Play, Looke, Apple TV, Claro, Microsoft, Playstation, Sky, Uol Play, Vivo and WatchBr. Rent is for a limited time and will only last until April 7th.

Below, see all of the DC Comics villains who are in the Snyder Cut:

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