Fans believe they’ve found a reference to Mephisto on the show

The WandaVision finale aired last week on the 5th, and so far many fans are still unhappy that Mephisto hasn’t been the show’s big bad. Now, however, many believe the plot referred to the villain and his son, Black Heart, in one of the scenes from the last episode.

The scene in question (via Comic Book) shows Agatha Harkness in front of a notice board with the letters “M&B” in the corner. Somehow, several people began to relate the two letters to Mephisto and his “son”, Black Heart, who was originally called Blackheart.

A possible Easter egg or just the fans creating their own reality?

In the comics, the Scarlet Witch and Mephisto have a long history together: In one of the heroine’s more complex story arcs, she appears pregnant with Vision twins – who, in theory, can’t imbue whoever. whether it’s because she’s a synthetic man. Still, many believe that pregnancy is normal and that heroin even gives birth to babies without much worry.

However, it is quickly revealed that the babies are the product of Wanda Maximoff’s reality modification powers and that they were created using fragments of Mephisto’s demonic soul. The villain, upon finding out, resorbs these soul fragments – causing Thomas and William to cease to exist.

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