Fan syncs last episode scene to Avengers: Endgame

Warning: spoiler alert!

The debut of the fourth episode of WandaVision surprised fans. Unlike the previous ones, this time we started off with a flashback to one of the MCU’s most memorable moments: the snap from Avengers: Ultimatum. So, we are accompanying Monica Rambeau and the others who were wiped out by Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War returning from the Blip. Now a fan synchronized the two scenes and the result was amazing.

In the video, we follow the exact moment the Hulk clicks his fingers to undo the action of the Crazy Titan. We realize, then, that while Monica searched for her mother and tried to locate herself after five years of disappearance, the base of the Avengers was destroyed by the invasion of the big bad.

Take a look below:

The timing of the two scenes is very interesting, helping to show “another angle” for this extremely important moment. While Ultimato has chosen to show people returning in a very subtle way – with GaviĆ£o Arqueiro’s wife calling him – contrasting the peace with Thanos’ brutal attack, WandaVision chooses to go in one direction. more chaotic, showing all the confusion people faced when they returned from Blip and found that they had been gone for five years.

Monica Rambeau returning from the Blip

So what do you think of WandaVision?

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