Fan creates customization based on Iron Man

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5, many fans have asked Sony for more versions of the console, which only has the standard white form available. In the meantime, the bravest are trying to modify the console themselves, as was the case with a Marvel fan who created an Iron Man-based customization for his PS5.

On Reddit, user DGR8EST-1987 shared his custom version, in addition to explaining the whole process until the final version. The white part of the console has been removed, painted red, and details have been added to make the Iron Man glove look like it’s coming out of the PS5. For the handle part, a night light, widely used for children, was adapted and placed on the side of the console.

You can check the result below:

While the process seems relatively straightforward, since PlayStation 5 external cards can be easily removed to clean the console, it’s important to remember that modifying the device terminates the product warranty, and there is always the possibility of accidentally breaking during the process.

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